Rebuild Update August 2022

Dear Parents

We are now commencing preparations for Stage 2 of the Rebuild Project.  Other than ‘A’ Block classes and C7, all classes will need to change locations by the end of this term.  

The movement process will be scheduled over a number of weeks, and will be finalised by 20 September.  Your child’s class teacher will send you a personalised message closer to the time, with all the necessary information. 

A quick snapshot of what’s to come;

  • Year 5 and Year 6 classes will stay in their current location – ‘A’ Block
  • C7 will stay in their current location
  • Kindy classes will move to the new purpose built kindergarten building.  (Some final landscaping tasks, new furniture and an extension of the bike track will occur in Stage 3)
  • Year 1 classes will move to the transportable classes on the oval
  • Year 2, Year 2/3 and Year 3 Classes will move to the new general purpose block on the hill.  (New furniture will occur in Stage3)
  • Year 4 classes will be located in the current specialist rooms attached to the Assembly Area
  • A temporary staffroom is now located on the oval for staff and the future office
  • Our library service is now closed but the resources have been dispersed across the blocks 

Before Term 4

  • You will see some additional temporary fencing added to the site
  • Additional permanent fencing will also be added

Vacation Period – September 24 – October 11

  • The school site will be securely locked down for demolition.  
  • Demolition will include ‘B’ Block, ‘C’ Block, Library, Staffroom.
  • Monday 10 October is a SDD and student do not attend on this day – Staff will be attending meetings offsite on this day, allowing for some extra time for the builders

Traffic Management

  • The Capital Works Project Team has been asked to provide a plan for traffic management and a communication strategy for changed traffic conditions
  • Contact – (Senior Project Officer) regarding queries or concerns for the Rebuild Project

Pending Items

  • I have applied for 2 additional transportable classes for 2023 to support the delivery of our specialist programs
  • An overall decision on the extent of the school fencing is pending

We do plan to provide an opportunity for a coordinated ‘walk-through’ of the Stage 1 completed buildings.  Keep a lookout for future Connect updates and newsletter updates.

Trevor Mitchell 


Hillarys Primary School