Story of the Logo Refresh

A logo is an important part of a school’s brand and reputation.

We have invested in a process to introduce a modernised, refreshed and contemporary logo that will reflect our new school vision, aspirations and some historical elements of the old logo.

A significant feature of our logo are the three dolphins. The three dolphins represent the importance of connectedness and a partnership between the child, family and school.  The dolphins also promote our school motto of Connected: Engaged: Successful.

Dolphins are extremely intelligent, highly sensitive and very social animals that demonstrate kindness, harmony and a strong family and community connection.  These attributes strongly reflect our school vision and mindset.

Hillarys has a significant link to dolphins following the relocation of the three dolphins Rajah, Mila and Echo form Yanchep to AQWA at Hillarys. These dolphins were endeared to many thousands of Australians and overseas visitors. The dolphins mysteriously died in 1999 but have remained a strong memory and symbol of significance within the suburb of Hillarys.

The water and waves represent our connection to the environment, sustainability and waterwise practices.  They also reflect the spiritual and cultural significance of this area to the Aboriginal people, the traditional custodians of this country.

The five dots have a dual purpose of continuing our cultural connection and symbolising the school values of caring, inclusive, responsible, respectful and motivated.   

These work in collaboration as the foundation and building blocks to achieving our school vision.