Principal’s message

Dear Parents,


I offer you a warm welcome to the best school in Hillarys. Our school is a place where you are made to feel welcome. A place where you will be greeted by many a cheerful ‘good morning,’ or ‘hello’ or ‘how are you,’ be it from children, parents or staff. Our Vision, “Connected Community – Engaged Educators – Successful Students” developed by staff and community alike, melds the essential elements that make our school a school of choice.

We strive to meet parent expectations of a happy, caring and safe environment amid the rigours of curriculum excellence. Strong leadership and staff involvement is an integral part of our school vision, values and code of behaviour. The staff are enthusiastic and the parents supportive, all leading to engaged students. We are, by enlarge, a school that demonstrates high academic standards where the expertise of staff and parents promote and support our many programs.

Encapsulating all of this is a learning organisation where empowered decision making occurs. This empowerment is delivered through sound structures, an experienced and knowledgeable staff and a want of everyone to make a difference. The changing nature of students’ needs in the 21st Century places different demands on a school environment. This has led to the development of a diversified teaching pedagogy and sound socio/emotional programs.

We recognise that shared education with the community impacts positively on decision making and can realise significant gains in outcomes for students. Staff demonstrate the capacity for innovation and change, particularly the connection between curriculum improvement and social/emotional support, in the school setting and at home. The linchpin of this is the KidsMatter framework. It is used to link all of our health and wellbeing programs which strongly support the curriculum, all leading to the best social and academic outcomes we seek for children.

The school presents as a vibrant learning community, not only during the school day but also before and after school. The school’s planning reflects “sound teaching in every classroom” where the children’s needs are well considered and appropriate strategies developed to raise their levels even further. The programs on offer allow the children to maximise their potential.

Parents are welcome to take an active role within the school. We have an enthusiastic School Board who has taken on an enhanced role that has come with becoming an Independent Public School. Opportunities are also available for parents to be involved in the school through the P&C, special classroom programs, class excursions and a variety of other school activities.

We continue to build on our capacities and lead change in our local setting. In supporting children and parents in the delivery of a quality holistic education, it is my view that Hillarys Primary is well placed as a school of distinction.

I join the staff in wishing you and your family a happy, rewarding and memorable association with our school.


Ron Chesny