Our School

Hillarys Primary School, having altered the name from Lymburner Primary School in 2002, draws its students from families in the coastal suburb of Hillarys, which is some twenty-five kilometres north west of Perth. The school is comprised of three Primary teaching blocks, Pre-Primary, Kindergartens and a library information centre.

The school’s computer network operates via a high speed fibre optic backbone to link the computer laboratory, Library, classrooms and wireless student laptop and iPad access points throughout the school.

Junior play areas ensure ‘sunsafe’ play on modern climbing and play equipment.

The school canteen, which has earned the status of a four star rating, is operated through the Parents and Citizens’ Association and is open daily for student and staff morning teas and lunches with online and over the counter sales.  The school staff is experienced, well qualified and committed to the objectives of the School Development Plan. The specialist subject areas are Physical Education, Science and Music, which sees our students perform at school and community events throughout the year. The Languages program is in Japanese. An Extension and Challenge program operates for students who are displaying high levels of interest / ability / achievement and we have developed a very strong and effective ‘Students at Risk’ program for students in need of additional support.

The school’s Early Childhood programs provide for Kindergarten and Pre Primary students and are supplemented by the nearby Hillarys Community Kindergarten, located off site at Broadbeach Boulevard. A focus on student learning and pastoral care sees collaborative teaching encouraged and a number of Pastoral Care initiatives operating throughout the school under our ‘Choose Respect’ banner. Buddy classes at similar and dissimilar year levels are encouraged with Buddy lunches, where younger students meet and socialise with older students, arranged to promote the “Caring” ethos throughout the school. Older students are trained as Peer Mediators and assist younger students with low level conflict resolution.

We are a ‘Kidsmatter’ school.

Significant parent help is available to assist teachers in their various lessons throughout the day, notably with language development, science lessons, sports programs, excursions and camps.

The majority of our students are from nuclear families, reflecting the multi-cultural society of Western Australia. Students are keen to succeed and many take on extra-curricular activities after school and on weekends. The Parents and Citizens’ Association is active in assisting the school meet its plan for the year by providing funds to assist the school budget, in developing the school’s grounds and operating the school canteen for students.