What to Wear and Bring

What to Wear

Children are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing; uniform is an option if families choose.   We use aprons for art/craft activities. The children are permitted to remove their shoes for outdoor play. If there is any reason why your child should not remove his or her shoes, please inform the teacher.

All children must have a wide brimmed hat for outdoor activities. The school policy is ‘NO HAT, NO PLAY IN THE SUN.

Uniforms are available from Lowes Australia, based in Joondalup Shopping Centre.

Note:  Please clearly label all clothing and personal items.

What to bring

  • Large backpack (needs to be big enough to put lunch, fruit and spare clothes)
  • Additional large cloth bag to put their class work/creations in (K1 and K2)
  • A piece of fruit, vegetable or cheese & crackers each day to share for morning tea (please no chips, lollies, cakes)
  • Lunch once your child commences full day attendance (Please NO NUT PRODUCTS or products which may contain nuts)
  • Change of clothing (especially underwear)
  • Small drink cup
  • School library bag (available from Lowes)
  • Wide brimmed hat (available from Lowes)
  • All items on the 2020 requirements list

Celebrating your child’s birthday

Birthdays are important as they are a sharing time with the whole group. You are most welcome to send along a cake for your child’s birthday. A cupcake cake for each child is preferable. Please – no nut products. It is suggested that parents of students with allergies provide their own supply of cup cakes to be kept in the Kindergarten freezer.


Please keep all toys at home. These are difficult to share and easily broken or lost.