Learning at Kindergarten

What your child will learn at Kindy

  • At Hillarys we use a range of resources to teach literacy, language and numeracy skills. Our aim is to encourage an interest in written letters and spoken sounds.
  • Our Kindy program focuses on building oral language and pre-reading skills. We encourage you to read to your child as often as possible and access books from the local and school library.
  • Children will be encouraged to write their own name in Kindy. It would be helpful if you could familiarise yourselves with our handwriting style and use it when writing your child’s name. Please do not teach your child to write his/her name in capital letters.
  • At Hillarys we take a self-directed learning approach to develop decision-making skills, leading to a child taking responsibility for their own learning.
  • We promote confidence and a sense of security in the children and they will learn to recognise the right of others and be responsible for the care of equipment.
  • Acceptable social behaviour is encouraged through the use of positive reinforcement.