Throughout the year the children may take part in incursions. A note will be sent home prior to the event with a tear off permission form, which must be signed and returned to the teacher before the date of the event. If there is no parental authorisation your child will not be able to attend.

Parent Involvement

Parent participation and support is greatly appreciated in our classroom, is valued highly by the students and is an important part of your child’s Kindy experience. It provides continuity for the child between home and Kindy, as well giving you the opportunity to see your child interact with others, observe what is happening in the classroom and enjoy yourself.

Parents are asked to be part of the roster, which will be put up at the beginning of each term. When you come to help, there will be a variety of things you can do, including assisting with activities, fruit time and outdoor play. If possible, please make other arrangements for younger siblings so this time is special for your Kindy child. Parents are asked to maintain confidentiality whilst on parent roster.