Drop off and pick up

An adult must accompany all children until the teacher has admitted them into the Kindy room every day. Children are not to use the play equipment before Kindy starts for safety and insurance reasons.

All children must be picked up by an adult. The teacher will only allow children to leave the room with nominated adults. The teacher must be notified by parents of any changes or special arrangements and we must have a signed permission slip.

Parents are welcome to join their child for the first 10 minutes of each day while the children are settling in.

Please collect your child promptly in the afternoons to avoid unnecessary stress.

Parking & Traffic Management

We acknowledge that it is not possible for everyone to park at school. We ask families, where possible to ‘park away’ and walk in. If you do drive to school, please follow all relevant road rules and parking provisions. Model good behaviour for the children and avoid conflict and ‘consequences’ from the City Ranger.

Parents are asked NOT to park in the staff carpark.