Teachers:        Mrs Kerry Bennett K1 & 2) and Michelle Kalma (K3)

Phone:           9307 6365


Welcome parents and children to our Kindy at Hillarys Primary School. The following information is to let you know all about the Kindy year. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding information in this booklet or about any aspects of the program. Our program is planned to cater for all areas of your child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development.

Our Vision

At Hillarys Primary School we value education.

In a changing world, we nurture minds, by employing a curriculum that is enjoyable, inspires life long learning and allows each person to reach his or her potential.


Our program aims to encourage and further develop in children:

  • Lively, inquiring minds and a love of learning
  • Use of imagination
  • Creativity
  • Self confidence, a sense of worth and respect and consideration for others
  • Decision making and problem solving skills
  • An understanding of themselves and their world
  • Competence in intellectual, social and physical skills

“Play is the work of the child.” Our program will focus on learning through play with an integrated approach, incorporating the Early Years Learning Framework and the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines. There will be a balance between indoor and outdoor activities with a focus on developing Literacy, Numeracy, fine and gross motor skills.

We will have a strong oral language focus. By thinking and talking, children make sense of their experiences and incorporate new ideas with existing knowledge. Proficiency in speaking and listening contributes to children’s abilities to learn effectively in all curriculum areas.


Please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher if you wish to discuss any issues concerning your child.