School dress code policy

This school dress code has been established by the Hillarys Primary School Council and reflects the desire of the school community to present itself with a sense of identity, pride and personal values.

All uniform items available from LOWES – Joondalup Shopping Centre

Hillarys Primary School Uniform Price List 2021


The school dress policy has been endorsed by the school community and students are expected to comply with the policy as they comply with rules relating to behaviour and attendance.

Acceptance of enrolment at a school assumes an agreement between the parent/guardian and the enrolling students that the student will dress within the guidelines of the school dress code.

All students who attend Hillarys Primary School will follow the Dress Code to:

• develop and carry a sense of identity and pride in themselves, the school and the school community

• clearly identify students as Hillarys Primary School students to enhance the public image of the school

• assist in building school and team spirit

• encourage equality among students

• ensure students are safely and appropriately dressed for all school activities.

Dress code

All students at Hillarys Primary School are expected to wear school uniform at all times when under the authority of the school. Hillarys Primary School has an official wide brimmed black school which is available from the Uniform Shop. This hat must be worn at all times when away from the shelter of the school buildings.

Students are required to wear school uniform at all times at outside events, excursions and other occasions when representing Hillarys Primary School.

All staff of Hillarys Primary School are responsible for ensuring that students are in school uniform at all times.

Free dress days may be declared for fund raising purposes at the discretion of the Administration. Students are expected to dress within normal standards of acceptable clothing at these times.

Exceptions to the school dress code may be given on an individual basis on medical or religious grounds after consultation with the school administration.


Students who do not follow the School Dress Code will be counselled by a member of staff or the administration, and if breaches of dress standards reoccur will be subject to sanctions as mentioned below.

• Students who are officially representing Hillarys Primary School in the community will be denied this opportunity.

• Parents will be contacted by the school administration by letter or phone advising of the breach of our school dress code.

• If further breaches of our dress code occur parents/caregivers will be required to attend a case-conference where the non- compliance of the school rule is discussed and further action will be decided upon at the discretion of the Principal.

Requirements (All available from LOWES – Joondalup Shopping Centre)

Shirts: Red polo shirt school logo or approved current Graduation shirt for Year 7 students.

Skirts: Black pleated sport skirt, black shorts or skorts.

Shorts: Black shorts – between mid-thigh or knee length (not cargo style)

Pants: Black pants or tracksuit pants

Dress:Polo Dress in school colours

Faction Shirts: Pre-primary to Year 6 – Coloured shirts (faction colours with logo) may be worn only on the day that students have Physical Education lessons, sport (Years 3 – 6) and for faction carnivals

Jumper/Windcheater: School windcheater or zip jacket (with school logo), red winter rain jacket

Yr 6 – Graduation shirt and jacket

Hats: Official school hat – broad brimmed (black)

Footwear: Shoes or sneakers. Plain low sandals (must be strapped to the foot – no thongs) may be worn in summer, however these cannot be worn for Phys Ed lessons or sport.

General Uniform Requirements

  1. The school hat is required to be worn at all times when outside classrooms during school hours. Hats are to be removed when entering buildings. Other items of headwear are not acceptable (unless on religious grounds) and students will be unable to participate in any activities away from the shelter of the school buildings if not wearing the approved headwear (this includes recess and lunch activities).
  2. T-shirts/undergarments may be worn underneath school shirts provided they do not protrude beyond the sleeve/hemline. Students will be asked to remove any clothing visible either on the sleeve or hemline.
  3. Students are required to be clean and tidy in appearance. Families are expected to monitor the condition of hats and other uniform items and replace them if torn, stained or no longer in good condition.
  4. Make-up is not acceptable. Neutral coloured nail polish may be acceptable in some circumstances.
  5. Board shorts, skate pants or other garments with distinctive logos are unacceptable.
  6. Jewellery is not safe or acceptable. Studs or sleepers may be worn as earrings.
  7. All students must be in full school uniform (including hat) when attending any school excursion or function where they are representing the school. An exemption may be granted if they are required to wear a specific costume for a particular activity.