No Access to School Site

Dear Members of the Community

There will be no access allowed to the Hillarys Primary School oval, play areas or school site from Friday 23rd September until Tuesday 11th October.

The demolition of the stage 2 building will commence and as these buildings are deemed as containing asbestos we cannot have anyone on the school site.

  • Demolition will be carried out by qualified contractors during the school holidays, when students and staff are not at school. The community is advised not to use the oval area of the school during this time. Signage will be implemented around the school site during the work.
  • The Department of Education publication, Asbestos Management Plan, describes how asbestos containing materials in public schools and Department workplaces are managed.
  • Air Monitoring of the school asbestos clearance area will be undertaken and is a process whereby air in and/or around an asbestos work area is monitored to detect the presence of asbestos fibres.
  • A Clearance certificate will be issued by a third party upon completion of the work.

This is a certificate issued by an independent licensed assessor or competent person to certify that a clearance inspection of an asbestos work area has been conducted and the area is safe to be occupied.

Once we receive official clearance we will update the website.

Rebuild Update August 2022

Dear Parents

We are now commencing preparations for Stage 2 of the Rebuild Project.  Other than ‘A’ Block classes and C7, all classes will need to change locations by the end of this term.  

The movement process will be scheduled over a number of weeks, and will be finalised by 20 September.  Your child’s class teacher will send you a personalised message closer to the time, with all the necessary information. 

A quick snapshot of what’s to come;

  • Year 5 and Year 6 classes will stay in their current location – ‘A’ Block
  • C7 will stay in their current location
  • Kindy classes will move to the new purpose built kindergarten building.  (Some final landscaping tasks, new furniture and an extension of the bike track will occur in Stage 3)
  • Year 1 classes will move to the transportable classes on the oval
  • Year 2, Year 2/3 and Year 3 Classes will move to the new general purpose block on the hill.  (New furniture will occur in Stage3)
  • Year 4 classes will be located in the current specialist rooms attached to the Assembly Area
  • A temporary staffroom is now located on the oval for staff and the future office
  • Our library service is now closed but the resources have been dispersed across the blocks 

Before Term 4

  • You will see some additional temporary fencing added to the site
  • Additional permanent fencing will also be added

Vacation Period – September 24 – October 11

  • The school site will be securely locked down for demolition.  
  • Demolition will include ‘B’ Block, ‘C’ Block, Library, Staffroom.
  • Monday 10 October is a SDD and student do not attend on this day – Staff will be attending meetings offsite on this day, allowing for some extra time for the builders

Traffic Management

  • The Capital Works Project Team has been asked to provide a plan for traffic management and a communication strategy for changed traffic conditions
  • Contact – (Senior Project Officer) regarding queries or concerns for the Rebuild Project

Pending Items

  • I have applied for 2 additional transportable classes for 2023 to support the delivery of our specialist programs
  • An overall decision on the extent of the school fencing is pending

We do plan to provide an opportunity for a coordinated ‘walk-through’ of the Stage 1 completed buildings.  Keep a lookout for future Connect updates and newsletter updates.

Trevor Mitchell 


Hillarys Primary School 

Stage 1 of the rebuild is moving along nicely

The kindergarten block is at lock up stage and the landscaping and brick paving has commenced.

The Year 2/3 block is at plate height now and sits up high on the hill, the year 1 block will be along them. A walkway will connect this block to the Year 4/5 and 6, 2 story building.

Building Progress- Wow it goes up fast

The new Kindergarten and Teaching Block are progressing. We are now looking at an

early Term 3 transition to these buildings. This delay has been caused by final fit-out

supply issues.

Partnering with Bunnings Wangara

Thanks to Lily Rose from Bunnings Wangara for meeting with us and donating 50 drumming buckets for our school drumming program.

Bunnings are also keen to help us with our sustainability and cultural initiatives.

The new Early Childhood building has bricks.

It was very exciting to arrive at work and see the bricks for the rebuild be delivered. At lunchtime the Preprimary students were very excited to see that some walls had already been build.

I wonder what it will look like after the holidays?

Bricks arriving
We have walls.

Story Dogs Fundraiser

On Friday 4th March 2022, we held our Story Dogs fundraiser. Students came in free dress, with a splash of orange and donated a gold coin. HPS raised $600.00 for this wonderful charity and the work they do. A special thanks to Mrs Nicholson for organising this event.

Our Story Dogs come in every Friday and students read to the dogs and practice their literacy skills.