Uniforms and Dress Code

The Hillarys Primary School dress code has been established by the Hillarys Primary School Board and reflects the desire of the school community to present itself with a sense of identity, pride and personal values. 


All students who attend Hillarys Primary School will follow the Hillarys Primary School dress code to:

  • develop and carry a sense of identity and pride in themselves, the school and the school community;
  • clearly identify students as Hillarys Primary School students to enhance the public image of the school;
  • show respect for self, others and the school.;
  • assist in building school and team spirit;
  • encourage equality among students; and
  • ensure students are safely and appropriately dressed for all school activities.

 Acceptance of enrolment at Hillarys Primary School is on the basis that the parent/guardian and the enrolling student agree that the student will dress in accordance with the Hillarys Primary School dress code when attending school or when under the authority of the school.

Where to buy our uniforms

Lowes Joondalup

420 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup WA 6027
Website: http://lowes.com.au/

Hillarys Primary School 2024 Uniform List

School Uniform Requirements
(All available from LOWES – Joondalup Shopping Centre)

Shirts: Red/black/white polo shirt school logo or approved Graduation shirt for Year 6 students.

Skirts: Black sport skirt or skorts.

Dress: Polo Dress in school colours

Shorts: Plain black shorts – between mid-thigh or knee length. Cargo style or bicycle shorts must not be worn.

Pants: Plain black pants or quality black leggings. (non see through) The leggings must be either full or three quarter length only. The pants or leggings must be plain, with no lace or stripes on them.

Jumper/Windcheater: School windcheater or zip jacket (with school logo) or approved graduation jacket for year 6 students.

Red winter rain jacket (uniform shop design – currently without logo)

Hats: Official school black bucket hat

Faction Shirts: Pre-primary to Year 6 – Coloured shirts (faction colours with logo) may be worn only on the day that students have Physical Education lessons, sport (Years 3 – 6) and for faction carnivals

Footwear: Closed shoes, sneakers or gym sports shoes. Plain low sandals, must be strapped to the foot – (no thongs) may be worn in summer.
If your child has sports or Physical education lessons sports shoes must be worn.
Some exceptions may be made prior to and during interm swimming lessons or surfing (term 4 Year 6).


Jewellery is not safe or acceptable. Studs or sleepers may be worn as earrings. 


Hair is to be tied back if reaching shoulders or covering face

Make Up

Make-up is not acceptable. Neutral coloured nail polish may be worn in some circumstances


Any garment with distinctive logos are unacceptable

*Please ensure all items of clothing, including hats are clearly marked with student’s name.

* Exceptions to the school dress code may be given on an individual basis on medical or religious grounds after consultation with the school administration.