The school has established policies in a number of areas. These policies are created and reviewed when the need arises.

Policies are presented to the School Board for discussion, then parents are informed of these policies and further discussion may be invited at P&C meetings.

School policies include:

Communication Policy 2022 – 2025

Hillarys Primary School Communicating Student Achievement and Reporting to Parents Policy 2022-2025

Anaphylaxis Management 

Class Placement Policy

Student Health Care

Students at Educational Risk (SAER)

HPS Student Behaviour Policy 2024-2025

Managing Bullying

School Uniform and Dress Code

Department of Education Student Mobile Phone Policy

HPS Mobile Phone Policy

Sunsmart Sun Protection Policy 2023-2024

HPS Homework Policy 2023-2024

If you would like any further information on these policies please contact the front office.