Grow Your Mind Day

This Friday, 13th October, we will be holding our Grow Your Mind Day for Mental Health Week. As
part of the ‘The Big Splash’, a PMH mental-health campaign to raise awareness of child and
adolescent mental health, we will be starting the day by creating a ‘Dolphin Pod’, where we will
invite students to stand together in the shape of a large dolphin. We will also photograph this and
post it on The Big Splash website:

The morning will also include a variety of class activities to help students to focus on growing their
minds in a positive way. We would like to invite you to join us for a family picnic at 12.45pm –
1.30pm on the oval. All classes will be joining together on the oval for lunch. You can come along
with your picnic rug and join your child/children to help send the positive message about how
belonging to a community can help to grow your mind. All children will participate even if parents or
other family members can’t make it by sitting with their friends and teachers. A variety of lunch
options will be available. See below: (volunteers are sought for the canteen in the morning)

Family Picnic – bring your own picnic basket
Sausage Sizzle – this may happen and is all dependent on volunteers – please contact a
P&C Rep if you can assist.
Lunch order – from the canteen as normal

Please note that canteen food samples will be handed out for tastings only – volunteers to assist
with the distribution are sought)

Straight after lunch at 1.30pm till 2.45pm we will be holding our annual Lap-a-thon event on the
oval. After the Lap-a-thon there will be a short address to conclude the day’s events for Grow
Your Mind Day. We hope to see you there.