Grow Your Mind Day

Friday the 13th of October saw our school hold our inaugural Grow Your Mind Day. The day assisted in bringing the importance of connecting with yourself, others and the community as well acknowledging Mental Health Week.

As part of the ‘The Big Splash’, a PMH mental-health campaign to raise awareness of child and adolescent mental health, we started the day by creating a large dolphin shape on the oval and having a drone fly over to snap a photograph (below). Students loved the experience, as well as the magpies!

Students were then involved in several class activities to help students focus on growing their minds in a positive way.

Families were invited for a picnic lunch on the oval, before the Lapathon. The weather was hot but it did not damper the positive energy of all involved. The atmosphere around the school was certainly in keeping with the aim of the day.

Overall a fantastic day and enjoyed by all. We look forward to next year’s Grow Your Mind Day.